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I first came to Lunn Dental Spa with a tooth ache and I was was absolutely afraid of visting such places. Not only was I treated with the utmost respect, professionalism and throughness, most importantly Dr Umaria and the staff recognised my fears and took every step for me to acquire a sense of "calmness" or new found security, (I know that sounds flowery but it's true) - that finding out I needed teeth extraction alleviated a lot of my fears.

My extraction was carried out smoothly with every proceedure having been explained properly to me. I suffered very little pain and my healing was rapid.

I would highly recommend Lunn Dental Spa especially for those like myself with a hypersensitive nature :)

This week I am going back Lunn Dental Spa to get my pearlies all shining and bright for Christmas.
Eva Hutchinson


I visited a dentist group 6 years ago with anxiety about my treatment. (as with past visits). A new dentist, Sam Umaria, attended me. Soon after, I was feeling comfortable, very informed, and secure in the knowledge he knew what he was doing.

I had a lot of very intricate work done, which other dentists would not attempt. ( I feel his attention to detail comes from his love of sculpture.) When , Sam left Townsville, and went back to New Zealand, I needed some further work done a year later, and since I was visiting New Zealand, I held off getting my dental work done until I could make an appointment to visit Sam.

He has restored my trust in Dentists, and wish he was not so far away.

Glennys Freeme


I highly recommend Sam as a dentist. I had badly worn front teeth due to poor health. I was embarrassed to smile and would avoid having my picture taken. 

With a baby on the way and my wedding to think about, I asked Sam for advice on how he could improve my smile. Sam was very knowledgeable in cosmetic dentistry and he offered me many options and explained everything to me thoroughly. Sam was very empathetic to my circumstances and I felt very at ease and comfortable talking to him. We decided that having composite veneers on my six upper front teeth would improve my smile dramatically - and it has!

After just a few appointments I was very happy with the results. My friends and family have all noticed a huge boost in my confidence and I am the first to smile in a photo. My teeth look so natural, I get comments all the time that I have beautiful teeth and a lovely smile, and no one would ever suspect the work that has gone into them.

I am so happy now, it has really changed my life and I can't wait to smile at my wedding next year! Sam is a very experienced, friendly and professional dentist and I would trust him with any dentistry work.



My two best reasons for recommending Dr Sam are Fear and Money. I have the most awful fear of dentists. It’s embarrassing for grown woman to hyperventilate and cry like I have done, so I rarely ever visit a dentist more than once.

Dr Sam, with his calm consultative approach to assessing and planning my way back to good dental health allowed me to feel part of the decision making process. Feeling far more in charge; Dr Sam and I had a marathon three hour first session and Dr Sam only had to stop three times and I came back after each break. That’s an achievement – Go me and Go Dr Sam!

Money is a very important factor to us all – Dr Sam always discusses best options and costs and will be upfront about why things cost more. By walking me through the costing process I felt assured I  was getting value for money.

The results have been amazing so far ( still got more to do) and the part for me us that Dr Sam’s restorative approach to dentistry means my teeth look good in a way that’s appropriate for me ( 56 years young). The last thing I wanted is to look like I  escaped from a girl band – you know-that ultra- white capped teeth to within an inch of their life look.

I recommend Dr Sam – he tells you what to expect and delivers!   

Val R

My brother, mother and I would just like to send our sincere appreciation for the manner in which you attended to and cared for our father, Les Godso yesterday and also for keeping us informed.

It was also so kind of you to drive him home!!

Kathryn Scott

My elderly mother had terrible toothache and had an urgent visit to Sam the dentist at Lunn Dental Spa in Lunn Avenue.
Sam was very caring and took time to explain everything to her and recommended she see a specialist. He arranged everything and his follow up was excellent with phone calls to see if everything was going well. If you need a kind, helpful dentist who will take care of all your dental needs I would say go and see Sam at Lunn Dental Spa.

Carrie Barrett